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Medications don’t work if patients don’t take them as prescribed, but we can change that.

Mosaic partners with health providers to give the most up-to-date picture and help you make the best decisions for your patients. Unlike other pharmacies, Mosaic’s value-based pharmacy service is powered by patented data analytics to make swift interventions.

Mosaic helps members who deal with multiple providers prescribing multiple medications, social determinants of health, and difficulty accessing their medications appropriately.

At Mosaic, we:

  • Enable your team to focus on medical care
  • Support patients’ independence at home
  • Offer a better pharmacy experience
  • Improve medication adherence
  • Help reduce the risk of hospital admission

Pharmacy Interventions Beyond the Basics

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    Eliminate Drug

  • check-mark2

    Unnecessary Medications

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    Improve Medication

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    Offer Less
    Expensive Alternatives

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    Identify Therapy

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    Navigate Part D
    Coverage Gap

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    Navigate Increased
    Care Needs

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    Referrals to
    SDOH Providers

How Mosaic’s Innovative Pharmacy
Care Model is Different

Per Episode per Member
Reduction in Total Cost of Care
Reduction in
Inpatient Stays
Member Retention
Net Promoter Score (Compared to
Mid-Teens for Retail Pharmacies)

By combining RxAnte’s targeted analytics, which identifies patients at a high risk of future medical utilization, with Mosaic’s comprehensive pharmacy support, we work to improve medication adherence and reduce the total cost of care for your highest-risk patients.

Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve, ensuring they receive the right medications at the right time and with the right support, ultimately leading to better health and well-being.

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The Mosaic Care Process

A Better Pharmacy Experience To Improve Medication Adherence

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    Mosaic Engages Patients To Start The Enrollment Process

  • review

    Our Pharmacy Team Conducts an Initial Medication Review

  • monitor

    Coordination With Providers to Address Medication Issues & Cost Saving Opportunities

  • delivery

    Medication Delivery Including Over-the-counter Creams/Inhalers

  • Consultation

    Ongoing Monthly Clinical Reviews and Coordination With Providers

  • calendar

    Monthly 30-day Supply
    Medication Delivery

Patients Receive 24/7 Support and our Clinical Team Proactively Engages Patients Within 48 Hours of Hospital Discharge

Our Promise

We Are Your Partner in Improving Patient’s Well-Being and Happiness

As Mosaic members, your patients receive a superior pharmacy service experience with monthly home medication delivery, medication synchronization, personalized pharmacist support, and easy-to-use adherence packaging so they can manage complex medication regimens safely and independently at home.


Hear From Our Partners in Care

Keep Patients Safe from Medication Errors

Mosaic partners closely with healthcare providers across the United States to deliver reliable clinical interventions and adherence packaging pharmacy support.

Together, let us ensure your patients receive the care they need and deserve.

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Help Your Patients

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