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We see the person, not the pills.

Mosaic is the pharmacy service for people taking multiple medications every day to manage chronic conditions.

More than just filling prescriptions, Mosaic provides comprehensive ongoing pharmacy care to ensure you’re getting the most from your medications.

Now conducting virtual enrollments.

Due to COVID-19, we are currently offering virtual consultations and medication reviews for our members. Learn how Mosaic is designed to help you safely manage your multiple medications from home.

Stay healthy at home.

Mosaic is committed to delivering the safest and easiest pharmacy experience for our members and the loved ones who care for them. Interested in learning more? Find out how we can help you today.

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How Mosaic works:

  • Initial consult

    A Mosaic pharmacy specialist will meet with you virtually to discuss your medications and how they’re working.

  • Pharmacist review of your medications for safety and cost

    Our pharmacist will review everything you’re taking to ensure it’s the safest, most affordable option. We’ll work with you, your doctors, and your insurance on any changes.

  • Monthly refills in easy-to-use packaging

    No more pill bottles or traveling to the pharmacy to wait in line. You'll receive your medications each month in easy-to-use packaging that's sorted based on your dose times.

  • Ongoing support from your pharmacy team

    We’ll check in with you each month to see how you’re feeling and confirm your refills.

  • Always-available pharmacist support

    If you have questions or concerns about your medications, we’re a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mosaic is free for Medicare Part D members – you’ll only pay your co-pay.


  • Safer.

    We review all of your medications to ensure they are safe. If you’re experiencing side effects, we’ll work with your doctor and insurance to explore alternatives.

  • Easier.

    No more traveling to a pharmacy. When your medications are ready, they arrive in easy-to-use packaging.

  • Designed for you.

    You'll get to know your personal pharmacy service team, and we’ll be in touch about your medications each month. We’re always available to discuss questions or concerns.

Start feeling better
about the medications you take every day.

Mosaic is a pharmacy designed for Medicare members taking multiple medications to manage chronic conditions. To learn more about our service, please complete the form below or call us at (888) 818-MEDS (6337).

Freqently Asked Questions

Mosaic FAQ Toggle
Is Mosaic right for me?

Mosaic is designed to help medically complex seniors with their medications.  Our service is available by referral from Medicare drug plans, long-term care communities, and health systems. If you or a loved one would like to learn more about our referral process, please contact us.   

Mosaic FAQ Toggle
How is Mosaic different?

Mosaic was built to provide a better pharmacy experience for patients managing complex medication regimens. We’ll listen closely to understand your pharmacy needs and help you feel better about the medications you take each day. We’ll also look for ways to help you spend less on your medications, ensure you’re on a safe combination of medications, and work directly with your doctors and health plan to take care of medication and billing questions.

Mosaic FAQ Toggle
Why was I referred to Mosaic?

Mosaic partners with selected long-term care communities, health systems, and Medicare drug plans to offer a better pharmacy experience to patients with complex medication needs. Your insurer or healthcare provider referred you to Mosaic because they believe you may benefit from a pharmacy service that is more comprehensive and care-focused than a typical pharmacy. You are always free to use any pharmacy that you like.

Mosaic FAQ Toggle
Will I have dedicated support to help me with my medications?

Yes! Mosaic will guide you through the initial in-person consultation and delivery of your medications each month to make sure you get the most from your medications. We’re here to answer questions about side effects, work through any reasons you may not be taking your medications, and explore alternative solutions if you’re having trouble affording your medications. Often we can even help our patients and their doctors safely stop some medications. 

Mosaic FAQ Toggle
How much does Mosaic cost?

Our service works with Medicare prescription drug coverage, so you’ll pay only the co-pay outlined in your coverage. There are no additional fees to use Mosaic.

Mosaic FAQ Toggle
I’m having trouble affording my medications each month. Can Mosaic help me save money?

Yes. Doctors are not always able to know how much a medication will cost their patient. When you enroll in Mosaic, we’ll review the medications you’re taking and work closely with your insurance to make sure you’re paying the lowest possible amount for each medication. For many patients, we’re able to find less expensive alternatives or medicines that can be safely stopped. If so, we’ll work with your doctor and obtain his or her approval.

Mosaic FAQ Toggle
How do I get started?

If you have been referred to Mosaic, call us at (888) 818-MEDS and we’ll discuss your current medications and insurance, and schedule your in-home medication review to start the Mosaic pharmacy service.

Mosaic FAQ Toggle
If I am a caregiver for an elderly friend or relative, can I enroll them in Mosaic?

Our service is only available by referral from certain Medicare drug plans, long-term care communities, and health systems. To learn more about our referral process, please contact us.  It will be helpful to have the patient’s insurance card handy.

Already a Mosaic patient?

If you are already a Mosaic patient
and would like to speak with a patient service
representative, please call (888) 818-MEDS.