Value-Based Care for
Health Plan Members

Mosaic is your partner in improving member access and adherence to medication regimens.

We reduce medical spending while improving star ratings, member satisfaction, and loyalty through personalized pharmacy support.

Improving prescription drug use is a $528 billion per year cost savings opportunity, and few have the dedication and the capacity to make a difference in patients’ lives, quite like the team at Mosaic.

We are committed to patient well-being and ensuring we identify and eliminate any barriers they might face when it comes to getting and taking their medications to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Comprehensive Medication
Adherence Solution

Per Episode per Member
Reduction in Total Cost of Care
Stars Adherence
Reduced Inpatient
Member Disenrollment
Monthly Retention
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Mid-Teens for Retail Pharmacies)

How Mosaic Pharmacy Service Works

Our Promise

Quick, Easy Access to Prescriptions Patients Need

Helping you do what you do best – care for your members. With Value of Future Adherence Score®, RxAnte uses a patented predictive score to identify members who can receive the most benefit from our adherence packaging pharmacy services. VFA identifies future medical costs that can be prevented.

How is Our Member Targeting Different?

We Use Many Parameters to Evaluate:

  • Based on prevalent chronic therapies where medication use influences medical utilization
  • Considering all relevant conditions and medications for each member

Hear From Our Partners in Care

Case Study

59-year-old woman

59-year-old woman


  • Initially taking 26 chronic medications
  • Uncontrolled insomnia and daytime drowsiness
  • Patient had multiple providers and pharmacies

The Mosaic Impact

  • 7 medications were discontinued
  • 2 medication doses were optimized
  • Prevented drug-related problems and an annual medication cost savings of $3,800
75-year-old woman

75-year-old woman


  • 18 chronic medications
  • Unnecessary medication therapy
  • Non-Adherence due to the cost of therapy
  • Worsening dementia due to abrupt discontinuation of medication

The Mosaic Impact

  • 3 medications discontinued
  • 2 medications changed
  • Dementia treatments restarted with family education
  • Prevented drug-related problems and an annual cost savings of $500 to the patient, and $4,250 to the health plan
71-year-old woman

71-year-old woman


  • 25 chronic medications
  • Low blood pressure
  • Frequent falls with dizziness and instability
  • Non-adherence due to confusing instructions from prescriber

The Mosaic Impact

  • 2 medications discontinued
  • 2 medications changed
  • Provided education on fall prevention strategies
  • Scheduled a fall risk assessment with the primary care provider
  • Prescription received for a smaller/collapsible walker
  • No additional falls
56-year-old woman

56-year-old woman


  • 19 chronic medications
  • Provider not responsive to patient or pharmacy concerns
  • Uncontrolled migraines
  • Poly-pharmacy leading to falls and a recent fracture
  • Disease contraindicated for one medication

The Mosaic Impact

  • 5 medications discontinued
  • Contraindicated medication changed
  • Provided education on fall prevention strategies, diabetic diet, and activity
  • Assisted scheduling appointments with new primary care provider
  • No additional falls

Begin Your Member’s Journey in Value-Based Care

At Mosaic, we make medication manageable so more members are satisfied with their care and stay enrolled with their plan.

Reduce avoidable readmissions and healthcare costs with our medication adherence solution.

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