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Receive pharmacy support right in your own home and get the high-quality care you deserve.

When people take multiple medications, managing prescriptions, making numerous trips to the pharmacy, and coordinating with doctors can be overwhelming. That’s why Mosaic removes the burdens and simplifies the process.

Receive pharmacy support right in your own home and get the high-quality care you deserve.

Mosaic brings free patient care pharmacy benefits to your doorstep at no added cost with your copay so you can get your medications safely and affordably. With a focus on personalized pharmacy service for seniors and those with unique needs, our team is committed to helping you maintain your quality of life.


A Better Patient Care Pharmacy
Experience at No Added Cost


Pre-sorted pills in
easy-to-open pouches


24/7 live support
from a licensed pharmacist


Monthly refills delivered
to your door

The Mosaic Care Process

A Better Pharmacy Experience at No Added Cost

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    Medication Delivery Including
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    Ongoing Monthly
    Medication Delivery

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    24/7 Support From Our
    Clinical Pharmacy Team

Our Promise

A Hassle-Free, Uncomplicated Pharmacy Experience

Take fewer trips to the drugstore or spend less time waiting in line. Mosaic offers a free medication delivery service to get your monthly refills on time without leaving your home. Because Mosaic pharmacists transfer your prescriptions, you avoid chasing down refills, ensuring timely delivery of all your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications right to you every month.


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More Frequently Asked Questions

A clinical team member at Mosaic will continuously monitor your medications and regularly check in with you to confirm any prescription changes. Mosaic organizes all your pills and labels them inside a roll of easy-to-open pouches based on when you take each pill, with all of the pouches organized by date and time. In most cases, Mosaic is able to sync all of your medications into one monthly shipment.

Yes. Mosaic can send short-term refills in certain situations. This allows you to get the doses you need until your next scheduled refill.

In addition to packaging your medications by date and time and delivering them to your door, Mosaic provides comprehensive pharmacy services that other pharmacies don’t. Our team constantly monitors your medications and works with you, your doctor, and your health plan when there are changes. In addition, our team is available 24/7 anytime you need support.

Mosaic delivers your medications to your home for your safety and convenience. Our clinical team can require a signature for delivery to ensure you receive your prescriptions.

Yes, we can help some patients save money. Doctors are not always able to know how much a medication will cost their patients. When you enroll in Mosaic, we will review your medications and work closely with your insurance to ensure you’re paying the lowest possible amount for each medication. For some patients, we’re able to find less-expensive alternatives or medicines that can be safely stopped. If so, we’ll work with your doctor and obtain his or her approval. In addition, we partner with your health plan to see if there are programs that can help with medication costs.

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We understand that consulting with your doctors and making multiple trips to the pharmacy can be overwhelming.

Let us remove the burden and simplify the process for you.

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