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Simplifying Medication Regimen By Deprescribing


An individual was referred to Mosaic Pharmacy Service to manage her regimen of 12 medications and multiple chronic conditions. The member is a 76-year-old female on 12 medications; medical history includes diabetes, hypertension, and depression. She is on five medications for diabetes and does not follow a diabetic diet or check blood sugar readings at home, indicating that she “can’t be bothered.”

Following a comprehensive medication review, a Mosaic clinical pharmacist identified the following challenges to the existing medication regimen:


As a result of the findings during Mosaic’s clinical review, the following interventions were made:


Following communication of the interventions, the member’s PCP accepted recommendations to simplify the diabetic regimen by discontinuing two medications, discontinued the member’s fibrate prescription, and increased the member’s statin to a high-intensity dose.

Following discussion with the Mosaic clinical pharmacist, the member has begun monitoring blood sugar twice a day and eating smaller, heathier meals consistently throughout the day.

Through these interventions, the member and health plan have experienced the following cost savings: