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Addressing medication-related health risks and coordinating with prescribers and health plan to reduce cost

A patient being discharged from the hospital was referred to Mosaic Pharmacy Service to help manage multiple chronic conditions and medications. During our home visit, we discovered several items to take action on:

  1. The patient was confused about which blood pressure and diabetes medications to take upon returning home, and as a result, was experiencing high blood glucose.
  2. This patient couldn’t afford his insulin, which was not covered on his insurance and costing over $500 a month.

The Mosaic pharmacy care team went to work addressing these serious medication-related health risks and financial barrier.

First, we worked with the prescribing physician to gain approval for restarting an oral antidiabetic therapy in order to regain blood glucose control.

We then coordinated with the patient’s insurance company to identify a long-acting insulin on its formulary for $35 per month.

Additionally, during our medication review we identified therapeutic duplication. Working with the patient’s physicians, we were able to discontinue the unnecessary medication.

The patent is now compliant with both his blood pressure and blood glucose medications, and his blood glucose is well-managed.