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Improving home monitoring and obtaining medication to avoid readmission

A patient hospitalized for confusion was diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy due to liver cirrhosis. Upon treatment and discharge, the patient was referred to Mosaic Pharmacy Service. During our in-person medication review, the patient was found to be non-compliant with all of his medications due to side effects.

Several interventions were made:

  1. In coordination with the patient’s physicians and health insurer, Mosaic helped obtain prior authorization for a critical medication needed to avoid hospitalization. Without this prior authorization, the medication cost was $2,700 per month, and unaffordable to the patient. Today, the patient pays a $3 co-pay.
  2. Reviewed and established correct medication therapy for patient’s diabetes in order to reduce side effects and improve medication adherence.
  3. Coordinated with patient’s home care agency to provide ongoing blood pressure monitoring.

The primary care provider remarked that “Mosaic is my hero,” and suggested that had this coordination been provided a year ago, the patient would not have had multiple hospital admissions and a possible need for a liver transplant.